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About Suzi

As a child I was psychically receiving, seeing and feeling things not physically seen by others.  I learned quickly that others did not consider these things normal.  I wanted to "fit in and be accepted by others" and made the decision to hide these abilities.

In my early teens I became aware of that my grandfather was a healer and he made his transition when I was 15.  That night he came to me at the foot of my bed.  For the next few years he guided me to various people to assist me in connecting with who I am and what I was here to do.

During the next several years my abilities began to return while learning various holistic healing modalities.  Some modalities I instantly resonated with and felt at home with and others were a path leading me to another modality.

In 1987 I participated in the Harmonic Convergence and felt a major shift within me.  This was one of my life's pivotal points and was a confirmation for me that I was on the right path as a healing facilitator, Lightworker/Lightholder and Wayshower.

For the next few years I continued attending healing and psychic workshops which enhanced my abilities.  Another pivotal shift happened while taking an animal communication intensive class.  I felt my abilities blending together giving me a clear perspective on the best way to be of service to all.

I enjoy sharing my abilities as a catalyst assisting people with Akashic Readings, Energy Alchemy, MultiDimensional Guidance, Oracle Card Readings and BEing a voice for the animals as an Animal Communication Specialist.

I joyfully anticipate connecting with you and your animals.

Infinite Blessings & Joy


Appointment Days & Times are Monday through Friday - 11 AM to 3 PM Pacific Time, Saturdays if available. 

ALL appointments are scheduled through this website and are conducted in Pacific Time.  Appointments are normally completed within 48 to 72 business hours after receipt of payment.

I am available for Akashic Readings, Animal Communication, MultiDimensional Energy Shifting/Alchemy, Oracle Card Readings, and MultiDimensional Messages & Insight.  *Appointments may include healing energy.

If you are new to any of the modalities I offer or desire a clearer understanding of what an appointment with me involves, I invite you to read the following informational pages before filling out any appointment request form:

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