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Animals and humans were given free will by our Creator. The majority of we humans have not been taught that we have free will and what it means.

It is important to understand that all beings have free will and are given the opportunity to choose what thoughts, actions and beliefs to have in each moment. There is no one else inside our mind telling us to make a certain decision, do a particular action or voice an opinion or thought. We have FREE WILL to choose what we say and do.

Most of us have been conditioned with beliefs passed down generation to generation of what is and what is not acceptable by society. The majority of these beliefs are based in fear of not being accepted for who we are, we are not smart enough, educated enough etc.

Animals do not possess an ego like humans do and therefore do not have that interfering with their choices. They freely live in the moment, not interested in what time it is; what street they are on, or what day of the week it is. Animals enjoy teaching humans to live in the moment, to let go of all of the restrictions that come with living within time frames and deadlines and to love unconditionally.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were to remove time limits. Would you feel lighter and more alive? Would you experience the freedom you long for? When you have feelings of "I HAVE TO" or "I NEED TO" it is your inner self saying that you are not doing what you really enjoy or want to do.

I invite you to take a few moments and explore your feelings and ask what are you passionate about, if you could do anything what would it be, and what actions steps can you take that will bring that to you and that feeling of joy and freedom. The more you allow yourself to focus on what you do want in your life, the closer you come to realizing it.

Most people do not enjoy the work that they do, they are there to earn money, but the job feels like drudgery to them and they feel enslaved. The weekends become the highlight of the week so that they can have fun and do what they love to do.

Observe your animal friends, if they are tired, they sleep, if they are hungry, they eat or ask to be fed, if they want to play, they play. Not one thing is predetermined or preplanned, it is all about what feels good to them right then in that moment. They want to teach us to live in the NOW, have fun, enjoy life and share love. They love us unconditionally, without prejudice or judgment.

When I talk with animals they will only share what they want their person to know in that moment. They are not lying, but sometimes they want their person to look outside their normal way of thinking and discover a new way of doing something or make a change in behavior. Your animal may have taken on the role of teacher to help guide you to the answer.

To give you an example of free will: I may ask you how old you are and you answer 'over 30'. The truth is you are 39, and chose not to reveal your real age. You exercised your free will answering what you wanted me to know, it is not a lie, you are over 30. I accept what you tell me as the truth without question and when I talk with the animals, I accept what they are saying as the truth that they want you to know in that moment.

I may ask them to show me where they are in this moment that I am speaking with them. Perhaps what they shared happened hours, days, weeks or months ago or only part of it happened, because animals live in the Universal NOW moment.

When you hear what they shared, you have the free will choice to believe them or not. I cannot force anyone to tell the complete truth and am not accountable for any free will thought, belief or action taken by anyone other than myself.
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